Friendswood Texas Custom Windows

Friendswood Texas Custom Windows

Friendswood Texas Custom Windows

Are you tired of searching for custom windows in Friendswood, Texas? We have got some good news. Master Remodelers Texas is your go-to Friendswood Texas custom windows company. We have proudly served the Houston, TX area for 35 years. Because of our amazing clients, we continue to be one of the best in the area.

You can rest assured that we are great at what we do! We have been helping Houston homeowners with installing and maintaining quality home modifications like windows, siding, and even roofing. If you are looking to have custom windows installed by us in your home, you should be aware of all the steps needed to ensure a smooth and complete installation process.

Get Your Measurements

You probably already have an idea of where you want your window replacement in your home. The first step is to get measurements of the space to determine the dimensions of the new panel(s). We here at Master Remodelers are more than happy to come to your house, measure your window, and give you a free consultation and appraisal. However, if you are still on the fence, or are weighing your options, you can always check the measurements yourself.

Because nearly all replacement windows are manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer, it’s essential to get this step right. Proper measurements will ensure that the windows will fit precisely in the opening. That, in turn, provides a weather-tight, long-lasting seal and protection from the elements.

The width of the rough opening should be measured at the top, middle, and bottom. The height of the opening should be measured in the middle and on both sides. To ensure a good fit, the outside dimensions of the window should be at least ¾ of an inch thinner and a ½-inch shorter than the smallest width and height measurements.

Removing Old Windows

Obviously, when it comes to a window replacement, the installation company will probably remove the older windows before replacing them. When they begin the work, they should take care of this step to make sure that they don’t cut too far into the original weather barrier or house wrap. This usually consists of sheets of specially coated material that is designed to keep water out of the walls.

This is crucial because they want to make sure that the new window can be integrated into the older weather barrier. At this early stage, it’s also crucial for the contractor to remove all traces of the sealants that held the old window in place so that the new sealants will adhere adequately to the opening.

Friendswood Texas Custom Windows

Master Remodelers of Texas is Houston’s best.

Weatherproof the Opening

The most vital step is the whole window-installation process. This part requires all your attention and efforts as it is also one that always seems to be done all the time incorrectly.

One of the most critical techniques for installing flashing is to put it on in “weatherboard fashion.” This means putting the flashing around a window from the bottom up. That way, when water hits it, it runs off the lower portion of your flashing. Overlapping the existing flashing pieces from the bottom going up directs water off of it instead of behind it.

Flashing carefully around the top and bottom of a window opening is important as well. Missteps, at this point in the job, can create a lot of problems. It is imperative that the installer must cut back the house wrap and put the tape on the substrate. A common mistake we see is installers going over the house wrap. When they do that, they’re creating a funnel. Any moisture that’s coming in behind the house wrap will go right into the window.

Window Installation

Installers should use care to fold out the windows nailing fins before lifting the window to the opening. Then, they should set the window’s sill into the bottom part of the rough opening. Next, they’ll gradually push the frame until all the nailing fins are flush against the wall. Once the window is in place, the installer should use a level to make sure it’s properly aligned with the opening.

After that, the window installer will use nails or screws to secure it to the opening. He’ll apply more flashing to the exterior around the window. Finally, sealants are used to make sure that the window keeps air out. Foam sealants are often a popular choice for this part of the job.

Our contractors are friendly, professional, and passionate about their work. We promise transparency throughout the entire remodeling process. Our goal is to deliver great results and providing quality customer service. Clients often rave about our work ethic and admire our longlasting work.

Friendswood Texas Custom Windows

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Friendswood Texas Custom Windows

If you are reading this far in, then you probably already have an idea of where you want your window replaced in your home. Perfect! Your first step in this journey is to give us a call!

You can reach us at (713) 705-9583 to schedule your free consultation and estimation. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, as well as Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

We specialize in windows and doors, window treatment, french doors, door replacements, and more. There is no  We look forward to being your go-to contractor for any window, roofing, and siding projects you want to be done right for your home. Our clients can rest assured that the work they receive from us will be done the right way, the first time.

Fun Facts About Friendswood, TX

  • There are about 38,000 residents in Friendswood.
  • For the first 50 years, Friendswood had a church, a school, a post office, and a grocery store. That’s all.
  • Friendswood was incorporated as a city in 1960 when hundreds of NASA employees chose Friendswood as their home, and families from Houston began moving out away from the big city.
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