Siding With Master Remodelers!

There are many different options available for your home. Your choice of siding is a very important decision as it will usually make up the largest percentage of your exterior home. This is not only a point of aesthetics but also functionality and security. There are certain options that will be better for some climates than others. The same can be said for specific designs and architectural styles.

Which One Is Best For My Home

The factors to consider will be based on the climate, design, and cost of each siding. We will elaborate further on each type of siding to give you a better idea of the spectrum. If you have any questions or would like to set an appointment for siding to be done at your home, let us know!


This option will be one of the oldest versions ever used. However, it is also the most expensive to install as well. This is because of the labor demanded to place and set each stone. They will essentially be totally unaffected by any natural issue. That includes moisture, extreme temperature, insects fire and high winds from storms or tornados.

Aside from the need for a pressure-wash, there are really no other maintenance demands for this option. There are stone veneers available as well which could cut your costs by about half. Unfortunately, the veneers are very susceptible to moisture and do not do well in extreme temperatures like real stone.

Fiber Cement

This option is meant to resemble the look of real wood. It is a more beneficial option as it can provide the same characteristics without the higher cost and vulnerability to wood insects. They will not rot, warp or decay like regular wood might. Not to mention they have a class 1A fire resistance rating. These options will last you up to 15 years without fading or chipping. They are quite versatile, too, with many design and color options. Of course, it is still more expensive than vinyl by almost 2-3 times. It is also more difficult to install, so professional installation is non-negotiable. Additionally, color touch-ups will be required in the event of damage or chips.


This is another traditional style that has been highly valued on the market. It is the most eco-friendly siding available and can be easily replaced in small quantities. There are limitless color options, and it is lightweight which means a reduction in labor costs. The largest problems are that it needs to be stained or repainted every 3-5 years, it is prone to rot warping or insect damage, and very flammable.


When you get metal siding, you don’t have to worry about mold or rot. Additionally, the metal is low maintenance in the winter seasons as well, unlike other options. There is no color fade whatsoever for steel. However, some options like aluminum will be prone to discolorization. If not properly sealed and finished, your siding can rust.

This option is not the most aesthetically pleasing choice to many, but it is eco-friendly, fire-resistant, and pest-deterrent. The downside is that the intense installation will cost more, and it is prone to dents and scratches over time.


This is the cheapest option for your exterior siding. It has decent energy efficiency and is very easy to clean. You can texture it like wood or stone and it will not have the same symptoms such as decay or insects. Keep in mind though, the color will be permanent!

After installation, you can expect these sidings to last up to 30-40 years. While it is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof, and you can have issues with that if the installation is not done properly. Additionally, vinyl is known to bend and warp in extreme weather temperatures. Furthermore, it is prone to dents as well. While this is a great and affordable choice, it certainly isn’t the best money can buy.


This is another traditional option that looks beautiful with Mediterranean styled homes. It has a very unique look and texture that is iconic. Typically, a good siding of stucco can last you 50-100 years if maintained properly. Even the repairs will be at a minimal cost. You can mix stucco with all kinds of color options, and it is very breathable.

Paint makes stucco optimal for areas with normal rainfall because the paint helps it dry fast. While durable, this material can crack, and dirt or weathering will be very apparent. Keep in mind that you cannot repaint them, and sometimes they’ll have a tendency to look a little flat from a distance.

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