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Have you been able to find the best quality Friendswood residential windows for your home? If you haven’t done a lot of research, you could be overwhelmed with all of the different options. Instead of giving up and going with the stock type in your home or replacing it with the cheapest choice, let us help! Master Remodelers can give you the best services and products in the area as well as inform you on how they function and why they may be so beneficial.

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We believe that providing awareness for customers is a great way to help them make better decisions about their homes. If we can help them with home improvement through windows, we consider it a success! All of our crew members that will work on your project have years of experience to vouch for. Additionally, some may even be veterans that have worked with the company for decades. We have over 30 years of business to show for so you can be certain you’ll be getting a job well done.

History Of Windows

The window has been used since ancient times, it was noted in early Chinese, Korean and Japanese history for centuries. However, the glass window was not introduced until the 17th century where it became very popular in Europe as well. Prior to this, they were actually using animal horns that were flattened out to cover their windows. Glass was, at the time, too expensive to manufacture in usable quantities.

Especially not for something as useful and disposable as windows. With all of the demand, it was not until the industrial revolution that they really became popular. At that point, the ability to innovate window designs brought forth even better renditions. Today, there are plenty of options that can help with a huge array of issues and even some that are meant to protect against hurricanes and more.

Installation Process

It is going to be rather simple to install your windows, regardless of the type. Typically it will take our crew a couple of days for some of the replacements but if you get an option like a storm window, we could actually install those in just one afternoon! This is the benefits that you will find when you work with Master Remodelers. We ensure that you get great results the first time.

Window Replacement Near Me Friendswood

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What Type Of Friendswood Residential Windows Are Available?

There are going to be a wide range of options, and we have listed them out for you below. We want to make it convenient and informational, that’s why we include the function, make-up, and features of each window that is accessible to you. Our company has been able to provide these sorts of benefits for years and we want to bring the same quality to your home, too!

Single Pane Windows

These are the traditional type that you are most familiar with. That is because they have only one pane of glass that will go between a frame. They are going to be the most inefficient options, but also the cheapest. This may be a great choice for areas in your home that are not at a high risk of getting force, or in homes where the owners are trying to be frugal and considerate of a budget.

Double Pane Windows

This option is an update to the single pane and came around in the 1930s. It has two panes of glass with a space in between them that is filled with argon gas. The gas is used to help mitigate temperature so that heat transfer is not a costly problem. The benefits of this can be seen in a temperature test. If you were to heat a room to 21 degrees Celsius, you would find that the single pane windows let out almost all of the heat with only 1 degree of temperature retainment.

On the other hand, double pane windows were able to retain 16 degrees Celsius. This is a huge increase and its no surprise that it had an even bigger effect on the markets. Due to how energy efficient they are, you could actually make a difference in your energy consumption through this method.

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Triple Pane Windows

However, if you were to add one more pane you would find that the heat conserved would increase to 18 degrees. Only 3 degrees cooler than the room temperature. That means that the home would be able to maintain that steady level of temperature for much cheaper. If the heat is escaping like that of a single pane, you will have to pay more to keep the room at the same temperature for a long period of time. This third panel gives another layer of argon gas, too.

While it may be heavier and slightly more expensive than the double pane, it can be well worth it if you have a job or a hobby that needs temperature control. This is also noted in the sound reduction that you can find get from these types of windows, too. It can increase the acoustics of a room if you are in a music studio.

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As you can see, we have a plethora of Friendswood residential windows to show. Our options are going to be for all different kinds of homes and circumstances. We even have storm windows that can help protect you during hurricanes or theft. They are going to have a unique interlayer that keeps them from shattering. All of these choices can be found through Master Remodelers, you need only request an appointment to gain access!

If you are looking to get in touch with our customer service, you can reach us at (713) 705-9583 or visit our website for more information about our selection. We’re always looking to provide clients with home improvements. When they return to us with glowing reviews and satisfaction with our work, we are overjoyed! Let us provide this amazing service for your home next, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.


  • Located between Houston and Galveston
  • The city was established in 1895 by 2 Quakers
  • There are 266 acres of greens in this area!
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