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Have you been looking for Galveston custom aluminum storm windows? At Master Remodelers, we are going to be able to provide you with the best selection. As well as custom options that will fit your home better. It’s going to be far more beneficial when you get windows that can withstand the force of hurricanes. This is due to the severe risk you are taking by living on the coast. In the last few decades, hurricanes have become increasingly stronger and more dangerous. The results have since been lots of drastic changes to the development of the windows.

We will go through the basic designs that were changed over time, as well as what makes these particular windows more effective in storm situations. They will have unique builds that you will certainly appreciate, especially in the Galveston area. Our goal is to keep our customers informed so that they can make the best decisions for your home. The better the quality of the window, the better the safety you can ensure.

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What Are Storm Windows?

These are actually going to be known as impact glass. It is a special laminate glass that was used first in the automobile industry. Whenever car accidents would occur it would be very detrimental to the car drivers and the other people involved. The reason being is that the glass, as thin as it was, would shatter on impact and result in life-threatening injuries from the glass instead of the actual wreck.

The way that it was made was by using a very thin sheet of PVB or EVA as a bonding material to fit between the layers of glass. The effect of this was that it created a strong layer that would not allow the glass to shatter as it normally would. The result instead would be a break, but only in a controlled manner. You would have to deal with a spider-web shaped crack in the window rather than a totally shattered pane. This was hugely beneficial in protecting drivers during accidents. It isolated to force to only one part of the window and did not allow the break to spread across the pane.

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Storm Windows Seen First In Florida

This concept was considered for buildings for the first time in Florida around 2001. This was due to the harrowing collateral damage that hurricane Andrew caused. The destruction was on such a massive scale that they had to find new ways to build buildings to withstand these incredible forces. The result was a change in the building code that called for storm windows, or impact glass, to be implemented into the design of each building.

This was such a popular move that other states such as Alabama, Mississippi, and even Texas would end up making revisions to their own building codes to adjust for the inclement weather. It has become a serious issue, as boarding up windows was not always enough to stop some of the debris or high winds from breaking through.

With the continuous, relentless, presence of hurricanes in the U.S., the revisions that were made continued year after year. In fact, the last change that was made was in 2014 for Florida. They have added a few more descriptive regulations for protection that we will mention in the next section.

Geographic Location Now Determines Your Windows!

If you are looking to get windows installed into your building, you will have to check with the building codes in your specific region. This is because there are now regional regulations. They will specify the type of window you must have for your own safety. The zones are broken down into degrees of risk, if the area has had a history of hurricanes and high levels of destruction, you would find a more stringent ruling there.

Another way we can explain this is by the thickness of the PVB interlayer. This interlayer is the determining factor in the amount of strength your glass will be able to uphold. For instance, if you are in a Level C impact zone, you must get windows that have a PVB interlayer thickness of .o60 inches. On the other hand, if you are in a more severe area, a Level D impact zone, you will have to have an interlayer thickness of .090 inches. This means that this area is going to require a higher level of protection because of how much of a threat the region poses to home or business owners.

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About Galveston Custom Aluminum Storm Windows

The reason that you would need to have custom aluminum storm windows over regular storm windows is the strength. If you have a thicker interlayer and multiple panes, you will undoubtedly have a much heavier window. In addition to that, not all of the materials that can handle the weight can also handle the forces that it undergoes. While fiberglass could maintain the weight, it would not be as effective as an aluminum frame.

Galveston is a city that has had an awful and tragic history with Hurricanes. If you want to live there, getting strong storm windows is a must. This is why we believe that you might find benefits in these sorts of custom windows. Not only will the glass itself be strong enough, but the frame is also capable of supporting the windows in the most critical conditions. Master Remodelers understands your concerns and wants to offer you the most personalized options available!

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As we mentioned above, we would be happy to supply Galveston Custom Aluminum Storm Windows. The city is in dire need of the best security possible. Especially with the storm season just around the corner. You mustn’t wait until the last minute to get the protection you need. Preemptive measures are the best form of security you can get for your home. We want to help you with this and believe we have just what you need! Our services and products are going to be readily available through an appointment that you can set up. In order to do so, all you have to do is call us at (713) 705-9583. Otherwise, feel free to visit our website to get more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Pleasure Pier is an exciting tourist destination
  • in 1900 the city was heavily damaged by a hurricane
  • This city is only an hour drive from Houston!
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