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If you’re looking for Galveston impact windows, you can get some of the best options available from Master Remodelers. These sort of windows are going to be incredibly critical for houses and buildings in the coastal Texas region. This will especially be so for the areas in Galveston. The reason being is due to the massive damage that hurricanes have been known to cost. This sort of window was not necessarily needed by any logical contention before these storms began to grow worse. Now, when the hurricane season approaches there are people who would feel safer moving out of the state.

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It seems a little dramatic but we can only wish that the consequences were not that severe. Unfortunately, with the growing strength of these hurricanes, it is more of a mandatory expense if you are going to live in this area. We’ll explain to you the basic makeup of these types of windows and why they will suit you far better than any other option in these circumstances. Throughout this article, you will find a lot of useful information. If you ever feel like you’re ready to get in touch with one of our representatives, you can reach us through our contact page here. We hope this helps!

History Of Impact Windows

For years the auto industry was one of the only areas where you might see impact glass being utilized. This was for obvious reasons, as the potential dangers of a car accident with glass that can shatter can be fatal even for the slightest of issues. Thanks to the effects of laminated glass, which is actually a complex blend layered glass. To be more technical, it will typically consist of a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) interlayer between two or more layers of glass. This will ensure that the glass remains bonded even if the glass was broken. The high strength of the interlayer will maintain the integrity of the glass and prevent it from breaking up into the larger shards that are typically very sharp.

This is the basis of the type of impact glass that the window industry has sought after. It is going to be incredibly helpful because when glass like this breaks, it will result in a “spider-web” type break that does not shatter into hundreds of pieces like glass would normally do. As a result, you get a more intact window that can be a very safe alternative to some of the windows that you might be seeing on regular corner stores.

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Geographic Regulations For Galveston Impact Windows

Integrating these types of windows into the window industry was not very popular until around 2001 when Florida made a huge effort to advocate for safer windows. This was in part a result from the damage that hurricane Andrew had inflicted on their state. It was tremendously volatile and the costs were higher than previous projections of storm relief needed. These concerns were reflected in new building codes that were implemented in the state. Today, Florida is operating on building codes that were revised in 2014.

This represents very active and intensely close monitoring of these codes for over a decade. Shortly after Florida had released the first building codes, other southern states susceptible to the dangers of hurricanes followed suit. Areas like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and more all made quick adjustments to prepare for the impending hurricane seasons.

Regulations Depend On Where You Live

The different types of windows that you are required to have will depend on your location. It also may be influenced by the size of your panels and the design pressures that you are dealing with. As we stated before these laminate glasses will have interlayers for protection. However, the geographic location of your house may force you to change the thickness of this interlayer. This can be seen by people who are forced to have a thickness of .060 for their PVB interlayer. Then there are other areas who demand a .090 PVB interlayer. Now the difference is that the first example was specified for Level C glazed areas while the other was for Level D impacts. Galveston is typically a Level D to Low E area.

Typically you will have to get your laminated glass made custom for whatever situation you are in. It can be a very real problem in areas like Florida, but for South Dakota, you may not have very many good reasons for increasing the thickness of the interlayer. We highly urge people in Galveston to strengthen their windows for the dangers of storms this city has a history for.

Dangers Of Having Weak Glass

There are many different problems that can arise with bad glass. The first and foremost problem that you will probably have to deal with from day to day is the lack of noise reduction. Thin glass may provide little to no sound muffling when you are inside and it can be a real problem. Areas that are subject to large populations that frequently pass through may be stuck with the constant chatter of the crowds. That can disrupt business, peace of mind, and even sound delicate procedures like music production that may not do well with the background noise. An impact window will actually help prevent noise from entering or escaping, which is just a small but very beneficial feature.

Other options can be when an accident or theft occurs. Having blast certified glass that can handle explosions of a bomb or a gunshot will not suffer any damage to a soccer ball or a brick that was thrown at the glass for whatever reason. It’s made for a hurricane strength wind and debris impacts so you can be sure that smaller instances are hardly a challenge.

In other cases, some glass may be so weak that a ball could bounce into it and shatter it completely. The dangers of this could be severe considering that it could be in a restaurant where people are habitually eating or socializing. They could be injured by the shards and it could even be fatal. This is a terrible error made by the company. It represents cutting corners where you shouldn’t. We want to urge residential and commercial owners to be more aware of their windows. It’s important to understand how strong they need to be.

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