Galveston TX Storm Windows

If you don’t already have them, you need Galveston TX Storm Windows. Hurricane season can have disastrous effects on your home. One way to minimizes the negative impact of a storm is to install storm windows in your home. These heavy-duty windows increase the structural integrity of your home overall, by amplifying the strength of one of your home’s most sensitive amenities.

To be fair, most windows provide a bit of protection. That’s why your windows don’t crack or shatter after every strong wind or heavy storm. However, storm windows offer even more protection. Of course, even storm windows aren’t indestructible. But they can greatly increase your chances of coming back to a home with minimal, if any, damage.

Galveston TX Storm Windows

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Why You Need Galveston TX Storm Windows

Many homeowners simply board up their windows before a storm approaches. While this can offer some protection, it’s really not the best option, for several reasons. For one, boarding windows takes time. What if the storm rapidly becomes more severe, and you don’t get a chance to fully secure your home? You might not have a chance to board your windows, or to at least make sure the boards are secure. This renders an already-inadequate means of storm-proofing even less effective.

In addition to being inconvenient, boarding windows are also unbecoming. Your home will look unattractive, and the trade-off you’ll get in terms of protection won’t even be worth it. Furthermore, a home with boarded-up windows invites looters. Especially if other areas of your home need work, such as the roofing or siding, people may assume that your unoccupied home should become their new shelter. On top of making your home seem more inviting to unwanted guests, if your sole means of weather security is boards on your windows, you also allow human intruders very easy access into your empty home.

All of what is said above isn’t meant to frighten you. However, we do want to carefully calculate the risks of using boards to protect your windows. At best, they can be mildly ineffective. At worst, they can severely compromise the safety of your home. Instead, consider installing high-quality storm windows on your property.

How To Choose The Best Storm Windows

You actually have quite a few options when it comes to selecting storm windows for your home. Fortunately, the particular windows that you select aren’t as important as masterful installation. In fact, the most expensive and durable storm windows will be rendered useless if an inexperienced person tries to install them. Furthermore, improper installation causes a host of other issues. If not properly placed and sealed, you may also have to deal with pest infestation, premature window warping or deterioration, and more. Thus, the greatest investment you can make is to make sure to have your windows properly, professionally installed.

That’s where Master Remodelers of Texas comes in. We’re certified, bonded, and insured, and can promise a perfect window installation every time. We’ll make sure that your storm windows work exactly as designed. That means that they will stand a greater chance against the strong winds and rains of a hurricane. However, you’ll also reap the benefits of any great new window, which we will describe below.

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Benefits of Properly-Installed Storm Windows

Storm windows are designed to resist impact and inclement weather. These windows reduce the likelihood that water or other debris will enter your home through the cracks or broken glass itself. Some storm windows have reinforced window frames. This allows the window to stand strong and keep unwanted elements out of your home. Other storm windows get their strength from their thick, multi-paned windows. These panes can withstand far greater impact and pressure than other windows right. In addition to protecting your home from the weather, you’ll also find that storm windows benefit your home in other ways.

For one, the added thickness of the storm windows works to keep things out of your home. While it’s most common to think about water and flying debris, these windows also prevent pollution from getting inside. Specifically, noise pollution. You’ll hear less noise outside your home, which your young children will appreciate during a scary storm. And even when the weather is nice, you’ll appreciate not having to hear dogs barking, cars blasting music, and other noisy annoyances in your neighborhood.

New windows, when professionally installed, also provide the benefit of added home insulation. Insulation helps to keep your home comfortable, as well as keep your energy costs down. During a stressful time such as a bad storm, you’ll be at least a bit happier knowing that your home will remain comfortable for a longer amount of time than if your windows didn’t provide insulation. Furthermore, you can sure that the air from your heater or air conditioner isn’t slipping through the window.

Your new storm windows will also save you money. As mentioned, the insulation properties of the windows cut down your energy bills by up to hundreds of dollars annually. Furthermore, by protecting your home, you won’t have to pay for so many repairs and replacements. In the best of circumstances, your home will be completely undamaged on the inside. This eliminates some insurance claims and lessens overall stress after a storm. Storm windows are a great form on insurance in and of themselves.

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Master Remodelers of Texas is the company you’ll want to call for proper storm window installation. We’ll make sure that you get the most out of your new windows, and can better protect your home. Furthermore, our experience affords us the capability to find and install windows that also match your aesthetics. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for security. Call us today at (713) 705-9583 to learn more about your options when it comes to installing Galveston TX storm windows. Alternatively, you can contact us online. We can’t wait to speak with you and help you upgrade the safety and security of your home. We know that we will meet or exceed your expectations!

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