Houston TX impact windows

If you are someone who finds yourself searching “Houston TX impact windows,” you will be met with an overwhelming amount of online results. It can be hard to distinguish what window business could be right for you with so many to choose from. Master Remodelers is here to make the decision easier!

Here at Master Remodelers, we specialize in residential windows, roofing, and siding installation services. Known in Pearland as the consistent window company, we proudly serve the Cypress, Houston, and Galveston areas. Our 35 years in the business makes us experts that you can count on.

Our clients can expect excellent service, quality products, and great results. We offer competitive prices, and we serve our customers with an attitude of dedication, passion, and honesty. Master Remodelers knows how precious your time and money are; that is why we believe in doing the job right the first time.

Whatever your needs, we have a vast range of selection for clients to choose from. We take great pride in being able to provide our community with the things they need to feel safer in their homes. It is our goal to continue to maintain strong ties with the Houston and surrounding areas through great service and genuine care.

Houston TX impact windows

Master Remodelers has been in business for 35 years.

The Best Houston TX Impact Windows

Depending on the area that you live in, or what the seasonal weather is like, investing in impact-resistant windows could make all the difference in fortifying your home. Houston, for example, is no stranger to hurricane season. Our high-quality hurricane impact windows and doors will provide our Houston customers with the peace-of-mind that they desire.

When you live in an area that can be prone to heavy rain or high-speed winds, you want to be sure that you have a superior exterior so that the interior can be secure. Continual moist air and water that may leak into the home through the windows can cause considerable damage to the integrity of the house.

In addition to hurricane season, there is also hail season. Hail season can be a nightmare if you are unprepared for it, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Waking up the next morning after a hailstorm to windows that are cracked and chipped can be infuriating. Through us, you can save money and time by staying ahead of the curve.

Our window installation process ensures proper sealing and increases energy efficiency. Also, we offer clients the option of noise reduction windows. As a result, reducing noise is an appealing benefit if you are someone who enjoys loud music or likes to entertain large parties of guests.

Houston TX impact windows

Houston TX impact windows

More About Master Remodelers TX

There are many other window companies out there, but what makes Master Remodelers the best choice? If you are shopping for impact-resistant windows, we believe that you should know as much as possible. Our glass is reinforced by a thin interlayer of PVB (Polyvinyl butyral). This is a clear resin that will bond the glass to ensure it does not shatter on impact.

Rather than shattering, the glass will merely crack. Thus, potential nasty injuries from this are avoided. Addressing a simple cosmetic repair is cheaper than having to replace the entire window. With Master Remodelers on your side, you will never have to worry about being unprepared for nasty weather again.

In the instance that you do receive a crack on your Master Remodelers window, we will gladly provide window repairs. We specialize in both restoring damage and preventing new damage in the future. Let us know what you are looking for and our team of highly trained professionals will get the job done.

The benefits of our products are vast. There is a reason that we have been in successful business for 35 years. Our window as well as other services have been proven through the community to be well-worth your investment. Put the security and aesthetic of your home in our hands, not the hands of an inferior window company. We promise that you will not be disappointed with what we can offer to you.

Houston TX impact windows

Get the best Houston TX impact windows with Master Remodelers.


The Dangers of Having Weak Windows

Impact-resistant windows are great for storms, hail and other natural disasters, but their value goes beyond that. Impact windows are also a huge benefit to increase the overall protection of your home. If you live in an area with a high crime rate, then our windows are a great option for you.

Burglars will often try to enter a residence through a hidden, side-window that is out of sight. Having impact-resistant windows could make all the difference in whether that person is able to get inside or not. Homeowners find these solutions appealing because they want to feel at ease when they leave their homes.

Having impact windows is about more than protecting your possessions and loved ones (although those things are certainly important). Our windows can also save you money on your monthly utilities. Opting for properly sealed, more secure windows is always a better, more beneficial choice.

Weak windows leave you and your loved ones vulnerable to not only the harshness of the weather but also at the mercy of potential criminals. Don’t compromise your peace-of-mind when it comes to this. Make sure you are going with the best business that is invested in giving you great results.

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