Houston TX Window and Siding Companies Near Me

Master Remodelers is the perfect business for those searching “Houston TX window and siding companies near me.” We specialize in windows, siding, roofing, patios, and restoration. If you are seeking an efficient and professional remodeling company, then we are the best choice. Most importantly, Master Remodelers has more than 30 years of experience.

Homeowners wanting to perform home improvements should consider our services. We will treat you like family and offer the best customer service available. In fact, our service is unmatched by our competitors. Clients receive a free estimate, which includes more than just a price.

In addition to the price, clients will start to see their dreams coming true. Our team will help homeowners conceptualize their idea for their homes. Replacement windows are a great option for any home because of the many benefits they offer. There are also many options when it comes to windows.

Houston TX Window and Siding Companies Near Me

Let our team help you with your siding and window improvements.

On the other hand, siding has just as many benefits and options. Regardless of what you are needing, Master Remodelers will make the process stress free. We understand how important home improvement is, so we will get the job done right the first time. Call us today, and you will receive your free estimate and so much more.

Types of Siding

Siding is the first line of defense against the elements. Sunlight, rain, wind, heat, and cold are prevented from entering your home with siding. That said, if your siding is not doing well, then some of these elements may find their way into your home. You need to consider what type of siding is the best option for your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to siding.

Each type of siding has its own benefits and drawbacks. Master Remodelers can work with clients in order to determine the best option when it comes to siding. Below, you can see the list of siding options Master Remodelers can help homeowners apply to their improvements. There are some additional details about a few of the siding options below as well.

  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Fiber Cement
  • Brick Siding
  • Stucco


This type of siding is the most common in the United States due to its attractiveness. The look of vinyl siding is very clean and comes in many color options. Plus, vinyl siding is a cheaper option than other siding types. Vinyl siding lasts between 30 to 40 years, and it is very easy to clean. A drawback to the vinyl siding is it is not waterproof. Poor installation can cause lead to water damage underneath, but Master Remodelers is sure to get the job done the right way the first time.

Houston TX Window and Siding Companies Near Me

Vinyl siding is the most popular because of its price, color options, and lifespan.


Metal siding is used for modern houses because of the unique look it gives to the home. Aluminum and steel siding is the most common types of metal siding. Metal siding does not rot or mold, so water does not have a large impact on the surface. The color will also last longer, and maintenance is simple. Varying on the type of metal you choose, it could be prone to dents and fading. Aluminum is known for these issues. On the other hand, steel is heavier and more expensive.


Another common option for siding is wood. Wood siding adds a natural look to a home and can make it feel warm or inviting. Homeowners have a slew of wood types to choose from. Spruce, pine, and cedar are just a few examples. Wood siding can be any color because it can simply be painted over. That said, the pain job must be maintained in order to keep the color. Wood is more prone to water and insect damage, so those are a few drawbacks of the siding type.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement looks very similar to wood siding but is made similarly to vinyl siding. This siding option has become more popular than wood because it has many more benefits than its wood counterpart. Fiber cement siding is made from wood fibers, sand, and cement. Unlike wood, fiber cement is very fire resistant and is not prone to decay. The most common brand is James Hardie, who gives a 15-year guarantee on no fading and chipping. Unfortunately, fiber cement is two or three times more costly than vinyl.

Types of Windows

Similar to siding, windows have a variety of options. Homeowners are welcome to select the types of windows they want for their house. Master Remodelers is capable of installing any type of window, so clients have all the room in the world for customization. You can find the list of window types below. You can also find details about some of the windows types listed.

  • Single Hung Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Arched Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Glass Block Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Jalousie Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Round Circle Windows
  • Skylight Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Storm Windows
  • Transom Windows

Garden Windows

These windows get their name from the greenhouse presentation they have. Homeowners use these windows to place their indoor plants in. The window is a box that protrudes from the house. The sunlight can easily catch it and any plants inside.

Casement Windows

Houston TX Window and Siding Companies Near Me

Casement windows have no obstructions, unlike other windows.

Casement windows open to the side or upward. The entire window is one piece of glass, so there are no obstructions. In fact, these windows are stronger and better for homeowners wanting to frequently open their windows.

Storm Windows

Storm windows add additional protection to your current windows. They add another layer to block severe windows and debris. The Houston area is a place in which storm windows are necessary due to the hurricanes and tropical storms.

Houston TX Window and Siding Companies Near Me

Contact Master Remodelers by calling (713) 705-9583. Call us for a free estimate that includes so much more than a price. Clients can start seeing their projects come to life when working with our team. Visit our locations page to learn more about us or simply give us a call. We would be happy to help anyone searching “Houston TX window and siding companies near me.”

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