Houston TX Double Glazed Windows

If you are interested in Houston TX double glazed windows for your home, then contact Master Remodelers. We are capable of helping all kinds of homeowners with their home improvement projects. Our team offers a free in-home estimate that does more than just give clients a price. The team will also help clients conceptualize the final product.

Of course, windows are just one kind of home improvement project we can help with. We have more than 30 years of experience in siding, roofing, patios, and restoration projects. During those years, our clients have been extremely pleases with what our team did.

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Houston TX Double Glazed Windows

Master Remodelers works with all types of windows and glass.

So, if you are seeking Houston TX double glazed windows, then we can help. We have experience will all kinds of multiple pane windows. From double-hung doors to energy-efficient windows, our team is capable of installing any type. Double glazed windows have several benefits over standard windows. Homeowners interested in replacement windows should certainly consider these.

Houston TX Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are also known as double-paned windows. People who repair windows are known as glazers. The term glaze refers to the pane of glass. Double-paned glass is a window with two sheets of glass. These types of windows are often used in colder climates because of their insulating properties. In some cases, they have an insulating gas between the panes to help with the job.

A common gas used is argon. Argon is denser than air and filled in the buffer space of the two panes of glass. Due to argon’s higher density, sound waves are unable to travel as far, and it holds the house’s temperature better. If the seal of the window or the glass is broken, then the argon will escape. In that instance, the window should be replaced because it is no longer effective.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are high-quality windows, so there are plenty of benefits they offer. Firstly, they will help you save money on your energy bill. Single pane windows are unable to efficiently keep the air in because they are not insulated well. Furthermore, old windows could have broken seals, which allows air to escape the house. In these instances, the air conditioning and the furnace must work harder. They will continue to run until the house is at the right temperature.

The double-paned glass holds in more air and prevents it from escaping. Additionally, the buffer zone between the panes keeps the outside temperature from affecting the temperature inside the house. Secondly, double glazed windows could potentially have a low-emissivity (low-E) coating, which prevents excess ultraviolet light from entering the home. This sunlight can fade the colors of surfaces, but also affect the temperature of the home.

The only major disadvantage double glazed windows have is their cost. They are more expensive than a single-paned glass, but they do offer more benefits and could save homeowners more money.

Considerations for Double Glazed Windows

Houston TX Double Glazed Windows

UV exposure and insulation are two factors to consider when choosing a window type.

There are a handful of considerations clients need to consider when it comes to double glazed windows. These considerations will help homeowners obtain the features they want for their home. Clients wanting an optimal thermal performance should consider a 12mm gap between panes. Most double pane windows are between 6mm and 20mm. Homeowners wanting to lower the noise from outside should consider at least 120mm.

However, homeowners can optimally choose one. The larger the gap, the less effective the insulation is. Of course, it can also vary on what is between the gap. That is the second feature homeowners need to consider. If there is nothing in this space, then the noise reduction and insulation properties are not completely fulfilled. Clients should look for windows with argon gas in order to obtain optimal insulation and noise reduction.

Finally, clients need to consider the type of glass the window is made from. There are various glass types homeowners can choose from. You can find a list of glass types below.

  • Float Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Obscured Glass
  • Annealed Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Insulated Glass
  • Mirrored Glass
  • Low-E Glass

The thickness and type of glass will certainly determine the effectiveness of the features wanted by the homeowners. Be sure to look out for these features and as Master Remodelers what they believe is best.

Additional Benefits of Replacing Windows

There are just general benefits for replacing windows with newer models. Double pane windows offer energy efficiency, noise reduction, and UV light reduction. These features can be found in various other window types. Plus, there are other advantages that other types of windows can provide. So, here are the remaining benefits that general window replacements offer.

Improve Security and Safety

Houston TX Double Glazed Windows

The curb appeal of a home is better with new windows.

If your windows are not able to lock or close properly, then they are a safety hazard to those living in the house. Replace your windows in order to improve the safety and security of the home. Clients are welcome to look for glass types that further that benefit. Laminated and tempered glass are great options.

Easier Maintenance

Watch out for the types of materials your windows are made from. Various materials are of higher quality than others. Furthermore, clients should consider blinds or shades between their window panes in order to prevent less dust and dirt from entering the home.

Increased Home Value

Improving the home in any kind of ways increases the home value. The aforementioned benefits make any home more desirable, and it improves the look of the house. The curb appeal will raise, which raises the price of the house.

Houston TX Double Glazed Windows

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