Houston TX Storm Windows

Are you looking for high-quality Houston TX Storm Windows? If so, consider contacting Master Remodelers TX. Our professional team has been providing the Houston area with quality storm windows for over thirty-five years!

During the years that we have been serving Houston, our company has gained a reputation for honest work. When you choose to hire Master Remodelers for your window replacement, you can count on the quality of the installation.

In addition to window replacement and installation, our team offers other remodeling services. For instance, we have the expertise to complete roofing and siding projects. Additionally, we can design and build a beautiful outdoor patio for you and your family to enjoy.

Houston TX Storm Windows

Houston TX Storm Windows

Types of Windows

Due to its location near the Gulf of Mexico, Houston has seen its share of hurricanes and severe weather. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and high winds are all-weather elements we frequently experience. In these situations, Mother Nature can be relentless.

Therefore, it is essential to take preventative steps to protect your home and family. One such measure is to equip your home with storm windows. Many types of windows can withstand severe weather.

However, to choose the window that is right for your home, consider speaking to the experts at Master Remodelers of TX. We can help you make that determination!

Impact Resistant

The professional team at Master Remodelers takes pride in offering only the highest-quality windows to all clients. One of the best windows that can strengthen your home is impact-resistant windows.

During the manufacturing process for these windows, a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) solution bonds to the glass in between panes of glass. This solution prevents the window from shattering when it is hit with a heavy object.

When an impact-resistant window gets hit by a heavy object, such as a tree limb, it will break. However, the PVB solution keeps it from shattering by holding all shards in place. You will instead see a spider web of cracks on the glass.

These windows are ideal for families with children as it eliminates the potential for little feet to get cut by glass shards. Additionally, if the power were to go out, and your window is hit, you will not have to worry about walking around in the dark while trying to avoid broken glass.

Houston TX Storm Windows

Spruce up your home with custom windows

Single, Double, and Triple-Paned

Traditionally, single, double, and triple-paned windows have been used for most houses. However, the past few decades have revealed more energy-efficient ways to secure your home.

Single-pane windows are made of one pane of glass and tend to be more brittle than other types of windows. The fragility of these windows makes them susceptible to breakage. Furthermore, when they break the glass shatters, so injury is possible.

Double-pane windows are slightly more robust and more energy-efficient than single-pane. These windows have two sheets of glass, which makes them less fragile. However, the strongest traditional window is triple-pane.

These windows have three sheets of glass, and therefore can significantly lower your energy bill. While they do still break and shatter, these windows can hold up to a little more. Triple-pane windows are a budget-friendly solution to your window replacement needs.

When you partner our excellent windows with our team’s quality installation work, we guarantee you will enjoy a job well done. For a consultation or to speak with a professional team member about what windows might work for your home, contact us today! Also, feel free to have a look at our gallery and see how many houses we have transformed.

Other Considerations

There are many things to consider when you look at replacing windows in your home. How do you want the exterior of your home to look? Are you concerned about shattered glass? What is your budget?

When you discuss these questions with one of our qualified window installers, they can help you determine the right type. If your first goal is to have a more energy-efficient home, and a lower electricity bill, consider having triple-pane or impact-resistant windows installed.

Other Services Provide by Master Remodelers TX

Houston TX Storm Windows

We will design and build a beautiful outdoor patio space for you and your family to enjoy!

Master Remodelers offers services outside the realm of windows. If you have a roofing or siding project that needs to be completed, our team can help. We can also build an outdoor patio space for you and your family.


The past several years, Houston has seen a significant amount of severe weather which has caused billions of dollars in damage to the home. When high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes visit the area, there is little to stop the destruction.

However, there are ways to mitigate the damage to your home. A quality roofing job can make all the difference in whether this part of your home’s exterior holds up to the weather elements.

Different roofing materials have varying qualities. For instance, asphalt and stone-coated steel shingles can both generally hold up to hurricane-force winds. However, asphalt shingles are much cheaper and have a shorter lifespan.

For advice on which roofing material might be right for your home, discuss your expectations with a Master Remodeler team member. They will help you settle on a solution that fits your financial needs while enhancing the protection of your home and family.

The best way to ensure your roof lasts as long as it should is to choose a company you can trust to get the job done right.


Our team also has the expertise to install siding onto your home. We have a selection of siding materials, including fiber cement, stucco, stone, and many others. Which one you choose will depend on how durable you expect the material to be. Consult with the professionals at Master Remodelers to decide which one is best for your home.

Houston TX Storm Windows

For more information about our windows, other services, or to receive an estimate on your project, visit our website. You can also speak to one of our friendly customer representatives by calling (713) 705-9583

Quality Houston TX Storm Windows can make all the difference in protecting your home and loved ones.

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