Houston TX storm windows

Houston TX storm windows and impact windows produce similar savings results at a far lower initial cost and help reduce air movement in and out of existing windows. Some sorts of storm windows also are a realistic option for those living in apartments. This helps to enhance comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs.

“Replacement windows” refers to a variety of various sorts of installations where an old window is taken out and replaced by a replacement one. Frequently, replacement windows, with their new technology, offer considerable savings in energy costs over time, along with side superior durability and guarantees.

Historic windows are often a genuine problem for a few people. Sure, they’re a stunning a part of every old house, but they will be an actual energy waste if they haven’t been adequately maintained and weather-stripped. But simply because they aren’t energy-efficient now doesn’t mean they will never be efficient.

If you’ve got the means to restore your old wood windows, you should roll in the hay. You’ll regain their functionality and wonder additionally to actually up their efficiency. But sometimes you can’t afford a full restoration of your windows. While restoration is typically cheaper than replacement, it’s still expensive. Your best choice is probably going to add exterior Houston TX storm windows.

With that in mind, here are three ways that historic storm windows can save your old house:

Low-E Houston TX Storm Window

Storm windows with a Low-E coating reflect heat inside the house during the winter and reflect it outside during the summer, keeping the house more comfortable. Older storm windows were just clear glass.

Newer Low-E models have a Low-E coating that lowers the emissivity of the glass and reduces heat transmission through the storm sash. New Low-E storm sash designs are often operable or fixed in situ and reduce air leakage quite some older storm sash designs.

Low-E insulating storm panels are very effective at reducing heat loss and heating and cooling costs in heating‐dominated climates in north/central zones, Furthermore, in warmer climates, solar control Low-E storm windows will likely be simpler for energy savings.

Houston TX storm windows

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Benefits of Having Low-e Storm Windows:

  • Operable
  • Reduces drafts in the house
  • Increases the comfort in the home
  • Reduces noise
  • Similar energy savings as full window replacement
  • Reflect radiant heat 35% better than clear glass storm windows
  • Low- E Storm Windows acts as an air sealing measure and may reduce overall home air leakage by 10%
  • Payback of 5-7 years

Low-e exterior or interior storm windows can prevent 12%–33% on heating and cooling costs, counting on the sort of window already installed within the home.

Interior vs. Exterior

Houston TX storm windows are available for many sorts of windows. They will be installed on the inside or exterior of the first window. For the foremost part, interior storm windows offer greater convenience than exterior storm windows.

They’re easier to put in and remove; they require less maintenance because they are not exposed to the elements. Furthermore, they seal tightly to the first window. They’re simpler at reducing air infiltration.

Interior storm windows are also often the most straightforward choice for apartments and houses with quite one floor. If you can afford exterior storm windows, you’ll probably afford some newer, more energy-efficient windows, which can be a far better investment.


Materials that are used for Houston TX storm windows can range from inexpensive plastic sheets or films designed for one heating season and to triple-track glass units with low-emissivity coatings that provide a few years of use.

Houston TX impact windows

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Mid-priced storm windows can use glass, plastic panels, or special plastic sheets that have specific optical qualities. Those made from polycarbonate plastic or safety glass also offer a high degree of resistance to breaking during storms and from intruders.

Glass pane types offer better visibility and last longer than plastic pane types, but glass is heavy and fragile. Generally, plastics are most economical for people with small budgets or who sleep in apartments. However, while inexpensive and comparatively easy to put in, they’re easy to wreck.

Plastic panels, like Plexiglas and acrylics, are more robust and lighter than glass, but they’ll scratch easily. Some may turn yellow over time also. Some plastic films can significantly reduce visibility and degrade over time when they are exposed to sunlight.


Wood, aluminum, and vinyl are the foremost common storm sash frame materials. There are advantages and drawbacks to all or any sorts of frame materials. Although very strong, light, and almost maintenance-free, aluminum frames conduct heat very rapidly. Due to this, aluminum makes a poor insulant.

Wood frames insulate well. However, wood frames weather with age. They can also expand and accept the response to the weather. Wood-frame storm windows installed during the winter might not close easily during the summer, and people installed during the summer may fit loosely within the winter.

Wood frames are often quite heavy and thicker than metal frames. This will make storage difficult, reduce the view out the window, and reduce the quantity of natural light within the room. Wood frames also require the foremost maintenance. On the other side, aluminum- or vinyl-clad wood frames that can reduce maintenance requirements.

Vinyl frames are usually made from PVC (PVC) with ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers to stay sunlight from breaking down the fabric. They’ll expand and warp at high temperatures, and crack in extremely low temperatures, however. Also, if sunlight hits the fabric for several hours each day, colors but white will tend to fade over time

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