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Are you looking for Pearland double glazed windows? At Master Remodelers, you can find all of the best windows for a very reasonable price. When you consider that we are going to be able to install them for you as well as provide remodeling additions to make them fit, it’s even better! The best aspects of these types of windows are the energy and sound efficiency that you can get from them.

If you don’t understand the way that they can provide you these benefits, let us explain! Through this article, we are going to focus on how double pane windows are crafted and what they do for you. We want to keep our clients aware and ready to make the most educated decision they can. This is important when you are considering a change in your home. There are so many options and it’s not just about the style you want, therefore, if we provide you with more information, you will probably be able to find the option that you really wanted. That’s all we’re aiming for, after all!

What Is The Story Behind Windows?

If you have ever seen one of the older stained glass windows, you should know that they probably weren’t present until around the 17th century. That’s because Europe did not popularize the use of glass for windows until around this time. The reason being, they were using flattened animal horns instead. It may not have been the best option but it was what they were using. On the other hand, China, Korea, and Japan have all been cited for using glass all the way back to their ancient history. They were considered to be more economic and far more beneficial for protection against the elements, too.

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After the glass was adopted by Europe, it became a global fashion. This trend spread to all of the most civilized regions in the world. Also, with the advent of the industrial revolution, you will find that the ability to mass produce glass became much easier. The benefits of this mean that you can have much cheaper and larger access to windows.

At this point, around 1913, you can find the first iteration of the wooden frame. Made by Anderson Co. Lumber company, it would be the original frame that could have two panes placed into the structure. By 1932, they were now far more popular than the single pane. This was due to the fact that the glazing process was made far easier with new technology.

Why Was It Better Than The Single Pane?

When you compare the two options, you will find a lot of differences. Almost all of them are going to be in favor of the double pane option. The first of the several reasons is the strength that two panes can provide versus the thinner single pane. If you have ever dealt with single pane glass, then you know that it is very fragile and can break quite easily. Even dropping a wine glass can give you a good idea of what the results may be. It will shatter into a hundred jagged, sharp, shards.

However, while the strength of the double pane was by no means outstanding, it did not break on some of the impacts that might have otherwise broken a single pane glass. In conclusion, it was slightly more reinforced and benefited consumers because of it. The second benefit would be the sound reduction it could offer. You would find that a single pane is only going to separate you from the outside world physically. It would never be able to withhold the sound from one side or the other.

On the other hand, the benefits of having two panes meant that the sound would not be able to pass so easily through the medium. You were able to maintain a little more homeostasis in your room or building as a result of this. It was another highlight that was widely popular at the time.

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Temperature Control

The main proponent that was considered to be the best feature was the climate control. This is actually an aspect that you can still appreciate today. It is why these types of glass are still popular and relevant in the world. Their ability to maintain temperature versus single panes is astronomical.

To put it into perspective, if you were to heat up the room to 21 degrees Celsius, you would find that the single pane window would only hold around 1 degree. That means almost all of the heat that was in the room is escaping through the windows. This is very expensive especially for those that have to use a lot of heat to stay warm in the winter.

When you would compare that to the double pane windows, you would find a drastic change. Instead of only being able to retain 1 degree, there is a slight change in design that changes this. The reason you might call it glazed is due to the fact that they are sealed with a glaze and filled with a certain gas. This gas is known as Argon and it is capable of mitigating the temperature by hindering its escape.

Instead of 1 degree, it turns out that the surface temperature was 16 degrees. That is a massive change and it really creates a difference when you consider the amount of heat you were losing to the windows. Now that this is the case, the ability to maintain your room temperature was made so much easier.

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We hope that we have provided you with a better understanding of Pearland double glazed windows. It is our goal to give our clients the best background on our products and that will go all the way back to their origin. It’s an interesting story and it really shows how far we have come. If you are interested in being apart of this long and rich legacy, let us know! Master Remodelers would be happy to supply you with your new double glazed windows and even install them for you. All you would have to do is give us a call and set up your appointment to get an estimate. Our number is (713) 705-9583, but you can also reach us through our website as well. We hope to work with you soon!


  • The original name of Pearland was actually “Mark Belt!”
  • Their population rose 50,000 in 10 years
  • The town spans across 3 counties
  • For more information about Pearland, click here!