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If you have been looking for excellent windows 77059, consider contacting Master Remodelers TX. Our professional and friendly team has been serving the Pearland
area for several years, and in that time, we have gained a reputation for honest work and quality service. When you hire us to replace your windows, you can count on the quality of our windows and installation.

Aside from windows, Master Remodelers offers a variety of other remodeling services. These include projects like roofing, siding, outdoor spaces, and interior rooms. If you are looking for a fun outdoor space where you can spend evening time with your family and close friends, give us a call! We’ll design a patio or sunroom that exceeds your expectations.

Windows 77059

Windows 77059

Window Types

Year after year, Houston is seeing a consistent array of storms and severe weather events. Flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes are all a constant reminder of how swiftly Mother Nature can destroy home and property. The team at Master Remodelers is committed to helping you find the right windows for your home. Furthermore, we guarantee that our windows will help keep you and your loved ones safe during these weather outbreaks. We have several types of energy-efficient and impact-resistant windows from which to choose!

Impact Resistant

Master Remodelers TX takes pride in offering high-quality, impact-resistant windows to all of its clients. The glass used to manufacture this type of window has a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) in between the panes of glass. During the manufacturing process, we bond the PVB solution to the glass. The nature of the solution allows the windows to withstand a blunt force impact without shattering.

When the window receives a direct hit from a large object, like a tree branch, it breaks but does not shatter. With the PVB solution holding the glass together, you will instead see a spider web of cracks on the glass. For this reason, these windows are ideal for families with young children. If the window breaks, the risk of little ones getting hurt is next to none.

This also makes all the difference when the power is out, and your window gets hit with a heavy object. You will not have to worry about walking around in the dark, with the possibility of stepping on shards of glass. For windows you can count on to keep you and your family safe during heavy rain and wind storms, choose impact-resistant windows.

Single, Double, and Triple Pane

A single, double, or triple pane window receives a label that is based on how many layers of glass it has. For example, a window with a single sheet of glass is single-paned. These windows are also more fragile because of the single glass layer. Double pane windows, on the other hand, are more energy efficient.

The double sheet of glass allows for a more effective seal against hot or cold weather and ensures your energy bill won’t skyrocket. Although these windows are altogether more stable than single-pane, they are not reinforced with PVB and are therefore not impact resistant. Nevertheless, double-pane windows are more ideal than single-pane, if only because they have a double layer and are slightly more robust.

Of the traditional type of windows we’ve discussed, triple-pane windows are the most durable and energy-efficient. For those who do not have room in the budget for pricier impact-resistant windows, consider triple-pane the next best thing.

Other Considerations

Which type of windows you choose will depend on a variety of factors. For example, if you are looking to lower energy bill costs, you should consider installing triple-

pane or impact-resistant windows. In addition to lowering your monthly energy bill, these windows will also strengthen your home’s ability to withstand onslaughts of wind and rain. The latter option comes with the added benefit of keeping your family safe from shattered glass.

For the outside of a home, windows make all the difference. This is another element to consider when you think about what windows you would like. At Master Remodelers TX, our professional project team can help you decide which type and style of windows are right for your needs and expectations.

Additional Services from Master Remodelers TX


Windows 77059

Master Remodelers TX can complete your roofing and siding projects!

In addition to windows installation, Master Remodelers has the expertise to help remodel other features of your home. Our friendly and caring team of remodelers are ready to assist you in creating a home that keeps your family safe from the elements. When we finish the project, we guarantee it will look great too!



Every year, Houston sees an increase in severe weather events. Downed trees and power lines are a safety risk to citizens in the community. In addition, the extent of flooding and damage to homes cannot be seen until the aftermath of a storm

In order to prepare your home for such instances as this, consider having the professional team at Master Remodelers Texas help you choose a visually appealing and weather-resistant roofing material. Materials like asphalt or stone-coated steel shingles are ideal for temperature and weather conditions. Both of these materials can withstand severe weather and hurricane-strength winds if installed correctly. Asphalt shingles are relatively affordable and last about twenty-years.

However, if you are looking for an option that will last longer, stone-coated steel shingles are a better choice. For consideration of which material will best suit your home, discuss your expectations with a Master Remodeler team member. They can help you determine which shingle type will be fit your financial needs while enhancing the protection of your family within the home.


In addition to roofing remodels, our team can install new siding on your home. We have a variety of materials you can choose from, including fiber cement, stucco, stone, and others. Just like your roofing and windows, which type you choose will depend on expected durability and how long you want it to last. Please consult with our professional team to find out which one might work for your needs.

Windows 77059

Windows 77059

Windows 77059

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