Are you dreaming of an updated kitchen that inspires culinary masterpiece or A bathroom that’s a spa-like retreat? Or maybe you crave an open-concept living space perfect for entertaining? If you live in the vibrant Houston metro area finding a reputable and skilled general contractor is the first step to making your dream home goals a reality.

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Why Choose Master Remodelers Over Other General Contractors?

General Contractor Licensing Requirements & Permits

The state of Texas has no licensing requirement for general contractors. However, city and county requirements supersede state law, and we have the knowledge to file the right paperwork, permits, and plans to make sure everything in your home construction project is up to code. Every city in the greater Houston area has different licensing requirements.

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Houston General Contractor Licensing Requirements

There is no general contractor licensing permit required within the  Houston city limits. However, permits are required to be filed on a project-by-project basis here at the city’s permitting center website. You can verify a contractor’s licensing on the Houston Permitting Center website (

Pearland Licensing for General Contractors

Pearland also requires contractors to register and obtain a general contractor certificate of insurance and a “minimum of $300,000 General Liability Insurance and list the City of Pearland as certificate holder”1. In addition construction companies are requires to file permits with the city before starting any jobs. More information is available on the city’s website (

Galveston Building Contractor Requirements

The City of Galveston requires general contractors to register and pay a one time $200 fee and $25 annual feed. Like Houston construction companies in Galveston must also carry  general contractor liability insurance with a “$300,000 minimum showing the City of Galveston as an additional insured and certificate holder”3.

Building contractors must also carry a minimum $25,000 surety bond “with the obligee being City of Galveston or assignee”3.  Because of the inherent risk of flooding and wind damage associated with coastal homes additional permits and inspections are required for building contractors. Check out their Building Division ( for details.

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