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Simonton Replacement Windows & Installation

Are you considering upgrading your home’s windows? Consider Simonton replacement windows to enhance your home’s value, comfort, and energy efficiency. Master Remodelers, LLC are window installation contractors with expertise in the industry and over 30 years of experience. Call (713) 705-9583 or email us to request a free quote in Houston, Galveston, Pearland, or Clear Lake, Texas. Let’s explore the range of options available so you can consult with a professional installer to get started.


About Our High-PerformancE Windows

Simonton manufactures energy-efficient replacement windows, which are a critical component in modern home remodeling and renovation. Our high-performance windows are designed to improve comfort, upgrade aesthetics, and reduce your electric bills.

Let’s explore the Simonton Windows’ unique features and benefits. We will help you understand the most important components and ratings to consider when comparing high end replacement windows so you can  make an informed decision for your home.

Why Choose Master Remodelers?

We’ve built, re-built, and remodeled thousands of homes in Houston, Galveston, Pearland, and Clear Lake over the last 35 years. We’re eager to earn your business and look forward to helping you and your family create your dream home.

Have you considered Upgrading your Home's Windows?

Our home renovation and remodeling experts can sit down with you can come up with a plan to improve your home’s comfort and save money on your electric bill with energy efficient Simonton windows. Contact us to request a free window design consultation with Master Remodelers, LLC.

What are High Performance Windows?

According to the United States Department of Energy high-performance window systems are Energy Star-rated Certified windows that keep homes more comfortable, reduce outdoor noise, and consume less energy because of their energy efficient features. 1

“High-efficiency ENERGY STAR-rated windows perform at least 15% better than a standard window and have an insulating value of R-3 or higher. Ultra-efficient windows perform at least 50% better than a standard window and have an insulating value of R-5 or higher. On average, they save homeowners 7% to15% on utility bills.”

Energy Efficiency

High-performance windows significantly reduce heat loss during the winter and minimize heat gain during the summer. This is achieved through advanced technologies such as low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings, multiple glazing layers, and gas fills.

  • Low-E Coatings: These coatings reflect infrared light, keeping heat inside during winter and outside during summer.
  • Multiple Glazing Layers: Double or triple-pane windows with inert gas fills (like argon or krypton) enhance insulation properties.
  • Gas Fills: Krypton and argon filled windows use gas between multiple glass layers to achieve ultra-efficiency, reducing



Simonton replacement windows make homes more comfortable by maintaining a more consistent indoor temperature, high-performance windows eliminate drafts and reduce cold spots near windows, providing a more comfortable living environment. Ultra-efficient windows surpass the minimum energy star rating, performing 50% better than a standard window when it comes to energy efficiency, noise reduction, and light filtration/refraction.



High-performance windows also offer superior noise reduction compared to traditional windows. The multiple layers of glass and insulating gas fills help to dampen external noise, creating a quieter indoor space.



The Low-E coatings on high-performance windows also block a significant amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting your furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading.





The material of the window frame plays a vital role in the overall performance of the window. Common frame materials include:

  • Vinyl: Durable and low-maintenance, vinyl frames are excellent insulators.
  • Wood: Offers natural insulation and aesthetic appeal but requires more maintenance.
  • Fiberglass: Extremely durable and resistant to warping, making it ideal for extreme climates.
  • Aluminum: Strong and lightweight but requires thermal breaks to improve insulation.



High-performance windows often feature advanced glazing options to maximize energy efficiency and comfort:

  • Double Glazing: Two layers of glass with an air or gas fill in between.
  • Triple Glazing: Three layers of glass with two air or gas fills, providing superior insulation.
  • Laminated Glass: Layers of glass with an interlayer that enhances security and soundproofing.



Spacers are used to separate the layers of glazing and maintain the integrity of the window’s thermal barrier. High-performance windows utilize warm-edge spacers made from materials that conduct less heat, improving overall energy efficiency.


Certain window models include Low-E solar coating to effectively reduce heat transfer, sun damage, and outdoor noise.



Proper installation is crucial for the performance of high-performance windows. Poor installation can lead to air leaks, water infiltration, and reduced efficiency. It is essential to hire a professional installer with experience in high-performance windows to ensure optimal results.



While high-performance windows may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional windows, the long-term savings on energy bills and increased home comfort can provide a significant return on investment. Additionally, many regions offer rebates and incentives for installing energy-efficient windows, further offsetting the initial cost.



Simonton makes a wide variety of windows in many styles and colors including but not limited to:

  • Casement Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Impact Rated Hurricane Windows



High-performance windows are designed for durability and minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and periodic inspection of seals and hardware will ensure they continue to perform effectively for many years. Frame materials like vinyl and fiberglass require little upkeep, while wood frames may need periodic painting or sealing.


All Simonton Windows are Energy Star certified, and a few have been recognized as some of the most efficient in the industry. Simonton windows are made in the USA of only the highest quality materials and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Master Remodelers installs many types of replacement windows including Simonton Windows.

  • Rated #1 Best Vinyl Window Replacement in 2023 by US News & World Report
  • #1 2023 Best Vinyl Replacement Windows by Architectural Digest
  • Best Vinyl Windows by Property Nest in 2023
  • Best Window Brand of 2023 by Bob Villa of This Old House
  • 2023 Best Budget Windows by Better Home & Garden

Contact us to request pricing and design options today in Houston, Galveston, Pearland, or Clear Lake, Texas.


Investing in high-performance windows by Simonton is a wise decision for any homeowner looking to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and property value. With advanced features such as Low-E coatings, multiple glazing layers, double and triple panted gas-filled, and superior frame materials, these windows offer substantial benefits that make them a valuable addition to any home. Contact Master Remodeler, LLC to request Simonton window replacement in Houston, Galveston, Pearland, or Clear Lake, Texas.


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